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COVID-19: Best Practices for HOAs

COVID-19 has created situations for HOAs that no board member has ever had to face and has caused boards to make decisions that no boards have ever had to make. Here we provide perspective from more than 300 HOAs across California on what they are doing to address unique issues raised by COVID-19. Action Property Management CEO Matthew Holbrook...

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2020 Legislative Update: Election Rules

Lisa Tashjian of Beaumont Tashjian discusses new legislation in 2020. One big legislative change relates to the way in which elections are administered. In this video, Lisa walks us through what we really need to know about the changes to California HOA elections.

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Action GM Reaches Pinnacle of Industry Education

Hamlet Vazquez, General Manager at West Ocean Towers, has reached the highest industry designation possible from the California Association of Community Managers. Congratulations Hamlet! Hamlet is a graduate of Action’s LeadWell leadership program and has successfully led West Ocean for over 9 years. Check out the article from CACM about Hamlet’s...

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Why Gossip Starts & Spreads at Work

If our values are to be true, Action Property Management must be a “No Tolerance Zone” for gossip. We “assume the best in each other”. We will always “be respectful”. “We are a Team”. We want to “show genuine interest in individuals’ quality of life.” None of this can happen where gossip exists. This video helps us understand the nature of...

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